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Tokenize your treasured items, works or memories with our Web3 creator services.

If you are a collector, athlete, artist, writer, photographer, musician, chef or brand, our Web3 presence for your collectibles, creations or moments offers proof of ownership, security, identification, additional digital content, unlockable rewards, and a simple way to sell or transfer your asset if you choose.

Discover a revolutionary way to certify, own, store and share your valuable stuff on Web3 platforms!  Whatever you choose, from trading cards, art, digital images, music, clothing, a blog, or even a recipe - you can easily do it all right here and save it in a Web3 dashboard and wallet. 

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Convert your possessions into ownership.  Select from our popular packages below or contact us to create custom Web3 assets for your personal use or to sell in Sprunger Marketplace.

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