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Link Labels - QR and NFC

Link Labels - QR and NFC

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Establish a link between your physical item and its digital counterpart with Link Labels, featuring hologram, tamper proof, QR or NFC technology.  Enhance the interaction with acquaintances, fans, or attendees by considering these three solutions for your physical item. (labels are only applicable for NFTs or Web3 COAs minted or created by Sprunger Originals).

1.  Hologram and serial number label:

Asset tag for authenticity, quick identification and tamper proofing.  The QR code links to  If your item is ever recovered from theft or misplacement, we can use the serial number to look up your contact information.  If the label is removed from your item, a 'void" message will appear on your item.

2.  QR code, hologram and serial number label:

Unlock the narrative with the QR code. Scanning it grants access to your Web3 certificate of authenticity. You or others can smoothly obtain a detailed description of the item, its history, and other digital media included in the Web3 COA or NFT with Web3 COA. Perfect for showcasing your collectibles or creations.

3. NFC, QR code, hologram and serial number tag:

This tag has the NFC and QR code functions.  Anyone can interact with your item by tapping their NFC-enabled phone on the tag or by scanning the code with their camera.  A link to your Web3 COA will appear on their screen.  The tag can be attached to a surface area of your item that does not detract from its appearance or hidden on the item to use as a security feature.   Watch the demonstration video...


To order, select the type of label above and checkout.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to pair your QR or NFC label to your item and its Web3 COA or NFT with Web3 COA.  Contact us for multi-label pricing.

NOTE:  If you purchased a physical item in our marketplace and an NFT or certificate has already been created, we will mail the label to you and provide easy steps for you to link the label.  If you are ordering an NFT or Web3 COA from our tokenization portal for a physical item, we will link the label for you and then mail it to you.  Prices include regular post shipping.

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