Collection: Exchange Verification

Don't get scammed!

Are you buying and selling high value trading cards and other authentic items online? Trading card, collectible, memorabilia and art markets are full of fakes, scammers and fraudsters. We are making an effort to reduce buyer financial losses and dissatisfaction by supplying the market with verified sellers and items using blockchain technology.

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Acting as a third party in a transaction, these services build trust between buyers and sellers using blockchain solutions.

Seller Verification:  We will create your own Verified Seller Digital Certificate.   The process involves photo ID to confirm your identity, billing address matching and IP fraud check.  This can result in instant trust and faster transactions with buyers in the online marketplaces where you sell your collectibles.  No more need to rely on vouches or coining as a trusted transaction. 

Buyer Verification: Sometimes sellers can be skeptical about buyers.  Prove to the seller that you are serious and honest about the transaction with a Verified Buyer Digital Certificate.