Gretzky rookie card - seller and card verification for buyers

Don't get scammed!

Due to the amount of seller scams including fake and altered Gretzky rookie cards in the market, we are making an effort to reduce buyer financial losses by verifying sellers and the card for sale is in their possession. 

FREE:  This service is currently free if you are serious about purchasing a Gretzky rookie card that a seller has posted online on any platform.  No more need to take a risk with depending on coining and vouches as a secure transaction.

Step 1:  Send this link to the seller with a note indicating that you are serious about purchasing the card but require verification before sending payment.  There is no cost to the seller for this service.

Step 2:  Contact us to let us know your name, the link to where the card is posted for sale and the name of the seller.

Step 3:  If the seller accepts the request, we use a third party to photo ID the seller, confirm billing address matching and an IP fraud check.  We will also verify that the seller has the card in their possession.  This level of service does not check for altered or fake cards.

Step 4:  If the seller has completed the process, we will provide you with a transaction risk level either low, medium or high with some basic details.

We do not accept responsibility for any damages to the card, card substitution or failures of the payment process or shipping methods.  

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