Sprunger Originals is an exciting marketplace and tokenization portal for collectibles and creations, complete with Web3 records of ownership, plus unbeatable fraud protection for buyers and sellers. Est. 2021.

What is Web3?

Web3 or blockchain technology is the next generation of the internet.  It gives you control and ownership of your property, data and privacy.  We have applied these features and benefits to our online marketplace and tokenization portal. Learn more...

What is a Web3 COA?

A Web3 COA (certificate of authenticity) provides proof of creator, proof of ownership, security, verification, preservation, and digital identity for your treasured items, works or memories. It is linked to a provenance blockchain record which includes at least one image, the name of the creator, creation title, production date, medium type, dimensions, current owner wallet address, URL, secure QR code and a blockchain address. Web3 COAs can include rewards, redemptions or exclusive digital content..  

What is tokenization?

Referred to as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), they serve as repositories for metadata content utilized in Web3 applications. Creating an NFT is known as minting. This process enables the tokenization of digital media and tangible assets like securities, real estate, gold, and physical items, providing evidence of creator, ownership, security, traceability, and a convenient means for collecting, gifting, or selling the NFT.

The NFT market cap is running around $67 billion.  NFTs find utility among a diverse array of users including collectors, athletes, artists, writers, photographers, musicians, chefs, and brands, catering to both personal and business purposes. These tokens are coveted for their status, individuality, and inherent value, possessing qualities of exclusivity, scarcity, functionality, personalization, or popularity, often evoking emotional connections based on their specific applications.

Aren't NFTs dead?

NFTs three years ago was not the best showcase of what blockchain technology can do.  NFT and meme coin market cap has grown to $67 billion but still has many short lived projects.  However, the provenance, verification, immutability and traceability that the technology provides to pop-culture NFTs is the same that is tokenizing RWAs such as gold, diamonds, and real estate.  That market was $310 billion in 2022 and expected to reach $16 trillion in 2030.   Recently, Ordinals and Runes Protocol have been added to the Bitcoin blockchain to offer similar projects.

The utility and functionality that gave us BAYC will continue to thrive.  They just may not be referred to as NFTs all the time.

What blockchains do you use for your digital assets?

Our NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain which is a layer 2 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain.  Our Web3 certificates are registered on the Bitcoin blockchain utilizing OpenTimestamps to record provenance and the history of changes to the certificate. Since these chains are public ledgers, you can view, trace, and confirm our transactions using block explorers. 

What does Sprunger Marketplace sell?

Trading cards, rare printed material, ticket stubs, recipes, art, digital media, clothing and other vintage collectibles.  Sellers and items are verified prior to listing.  Physical items come with a Web3 COA (certificate of authenticity).  Digital items are minted as an NFT and include a Web3 COA when purchased. Your NFTs and COAs can be stored, viewed and shared in a Web3 wallet and dashboard.

How do I list an item for sale in Sprunger Marketplace?

For collectibles and creations, use this link.  For Gretzky rookie cards, use this link. For items used in a fundraiser, use this link.

Why do I need to provide photo ID when buying certain items and tokenization products?

Our Authentic Item Integrity screening process eliminates scammers and fake items that are common in buy/seller transaction platforms. The ID screening is conducted by a third party.  We do not sell your personal information.

Where can I access your verified seller certificate?

We use a Web3 COA to prove to buyers that our business is legitimate. You can view the certificate here.

Do I need cryptocurrency to make online purchases in your store?

We accept payment through a number of gateways including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop, PayPal, and DePay.  Credit card, debit card and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Doge are accepted.

What services do you offer?

Our services continue to grow and so far we have a publication, a resource portal for a popular hockey card, fundraising tools for teams and charities, and buyer protection from scammers.  Learn more...

How do I access my Sprunger Originals Web3 dashboard?

Log into your Sprunger Originals account and then use this link to access your dashboard. Make sure to connect your Web3 wallet in the dashboard to access all features. From here, you can view your assets, unlock reward files and transfer your NFTs to new owners. Web COAs can be transferred through the Verisart dashboard.

How do I access my Verisart Web3 dashboard?

Use this link to view, organize, print or share your assets.  Make sure to connect your Web3 wallet in the dashboard to access all features.  From here, you can access your rewards folder, update or transfer your Web3 COAs.  NFTs can only be transferred through your Sprunger Originals dashboard or on OpenSea.

How do I update or change my Web3 COA?

Through the Verisart dashboard, you can add public or private files to the Web3 COA.  You can also switch the Web3 COA from public to private or vice versa.  Meta data such as the primary file (photo, video) and description cannot be changed. Instructions...

How do I transfer my NFT or Web3 COA to a new owner?

NFTs can only be transferred through your Sprunger Originals dashboard or on OpenSea.  Web3 COAs can be transferred through the Verisart dashboard.

What are the risks of buying and selling trading cards and other collectibles through other channels?

Buying and selling collectibles can be serious business or just enjoyment for collectors. The popularity of some items and the vulnerabilities of some buyers allows for fakes and scams in the market.  We have a put together a list marketplace types with the level of risk of the transaction going sour. Learn more...

Where should I get my trading cards graded?

Even without grading, your trading cards still have value.  Those value traits reside in either nostalgia or buy and sell markets. However, having your cards graded provides optimal market value, preservation and identification.  Grading will also find fakes or altered cards. Learn more...

Does my collection of trading cards have any value?

The market and nostalgia for sports and gaming cards is very active.  You may be sitting on cards you collected decades ago or a collection has been handed down to you. Find out about learning the value of your cards here...