Verified.  Authentic Item Integrity


Verified. Authentic Item Integrity

Trading card, collectible and memorabilia markets are full of fakes, scammers and fraudsters.  We are making an effort to reduce losses and buyer dissatisfaction by supplying the market with verified items using non-fungible tokens NFTs.

Collectors and sellers who ask us to create or mint NFTs for their items or list items in our online shop or NFT marketplace are subject to the following screening:

  • Photo ID verification through a third party.
  • Procedures to ensure that the item is in possession of the person making the request.
  • Item serial number verification with the issuer’s database where applicable.
  • Billing address verification.
  • IP fraud detection.
  • Payment fraud detection.
  • Additional procedures for higher value items.

The seller has no way to change or alter the token with certificate because the blockchain is decentralized unlike social media marketplace accounts.  Our VSTs should only be examined from the '' URL.

As a buyer of high value items, you will feel confident knowing that the NFT is paired to a verified item and not a fake one that scammers try to sell in traditional marketplaces.

When purchasing authentic items from individuals on other marketplaces, go beyond coining and vouches and request their Verified Seller Token.