About Us

Sprunger Originals is an exciting marketplace and tokenization portal for collectibles and Web3 creations, complete with blockchain records of ownership, plus unbeatable fraud protection for buyers and sellers.

It all began with a Gretzky rookie card and neighbour Owen talking about NFTs in February 2021.  I soon found a company in California that had developed a blockchain platform for pairing physical items to their digital twin for proof of ownership and added digital content.  If you think about it, we only have proof of ownership for houses, vehicles and companies.  Having ownership for high value trading cards and other authentic items was a good idea.  We also create custom NFTs for athletes, artists, musicians, events and breweries.

Sprunger Marketplace sells trading cards, rare prints, other high value collectibles and brand apparel.  Buyers automatically receive a blockchain certificate after purchase.  

After spending time in the collectibles market space, I noticed many buyers fell victim to scams.  Fake items or not receiving the goods at all.  I decided to use blockchain technology to help buyers avoid financial loss and disappointment.  Sellers are photo ID verified and blockchain digital certificates are issued to prove the seller has the item in their possession.

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- Dean Sprung



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