About Us

Sprunger Originals is an exciting marketplace and tokenization portal for collectibles and creations, complete with Web3 records of ownership, plus unbeatable fraud protection for buyers and sellers.

It all began with a Gretzky rookie card and neighbour Owen talking about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in February 2021. I had this idea about pairing the two so I could have a digital twin of the physical hockey card. This would provide proof of ownership, security of the real card, and identification. I soon found a company in California that had developed a blockchain application for this very purpose.  

Three years into it, we now create custom NFTs and Web3 COAs for athletes, artists, writers, musicians, events, brands and breweries. Creating ownership for treasured items, works and memories turned out to be a good idea.

Our marketplace sells trading cards, rare prints, other high value collectibles and digital media.  Buyers automatically receive a Web3 certificate after purchase for proof of ownership and added content.

After spending time in the collectibles market space, I noticed many buyers falling victim to scams on other platforms.  Fake sellers, fake items or not receiving the goods at all.  I decided to use blockchain technology to help buyers avoid financial loss and disappointment.  A seller listing an item in our marketplace has to pass our Authentic Item Integrity process that involves photo ID, billing address verification, IP fraud detection and payment fraud detection.

Our services have been growing too.  We published the “Gretzky - History of the O-Pee-Chee Rookie Card” guide, created a Gretzky rookie card portal for factual insights and resources for effective card management, and developed The Hockey Season for minor sports teams to consider for fundraising and using NFTs to capture moments and memories.

- Dean Sprung

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