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Sprunger Marketplace - Online Store Listing

Sprunger Marketplace - Online Store Listing

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Ideal for collectors, athletes, teams, artists, writers, photographers, musicians, and brands alike, our marketplace offers the perfect platform to list your collectibles, creations, or moments. Buyers receive a Web3 record that not only provides proof of ownership and security, but also grants rewards and access to exclusive digital content that you provide.

Physical items

When a physical item is sold and paid for, the buyer will receive a Web3 certificate of authenticity for proof of creator and ownership plus additional digital content that you provide. 

Our platform performs a fraud analysis on the purchaser and transaction.  For high value items, a photo ID of the buyer can be done upon request.  We will notify you of the details to help you decide to ship the item or refund the payment.  Once the buyer receives the item, we will issue a payment less fees to you.  See fee calculations below.  Unsold items can be re-listed at no charge or donated to Sprunger Support.

Group or a category of trading cards or items can be sold under one listing.  However, only one digital certificate will be issued for the set.

Digital items

Sell your photos, videos, articles, recipes, art, lyrics and more.  Your digital creations will be minted as an NFT when purchased.  You decide how many editions that you want to make available for each creation.  Shortly after purchase , we will issue a payment less fees to you.  See fee calculations below.

Branded Collection

If you have multiple items or creations to sell under your personal or company name, we will create your own branded collection page.  Includes listing of up to five items.  Items can be substituted at any time.

How to List Your Item

  1. Minimum listing amount per item is $30 CAD.
  2. Select the quantity or type of listings you need.
  3. Check out and pay for your order.
  4. We will provide you with a submission form and further instructions to capture details about your items and your preferred auction settings or buy now price.
  5. Buying a listing requires you to pass our Authentic Item Integrity screening.

    Allow 5 business days to process your listing.  

    Visit our other online marketplace listings for team or organization fundraising and Gretzky rookie card.

    Purchasing a listing will subject you to local, provincial/state or federal laws for withholding or shipping a stolen, forged, altered, tampered or substituted item. 

    Selling Fees & Earnings:

    These fees assume that you will be shipping with tracking and insurance from your location.  If the item is in our possession, packaging, shipping, tracking and insurance costs will be deducted from your earnings.  Payment is sent to you when the buyer provides proof of receiving the item.

    A. Fee for physical items eligible for a Web3 COA:

    Basis Amount calculation:

    (Selling price less transaction - 3%) = Basis Amount

    -Basis Amount less than $500
    $25 flat fee

    -Basis amount from $500 to $10,000
    4% fee

    B.  Fee for digital items eligible for an NFT:

    -15% for each creation and edition sold.


    Sell donated cards or items of value as part of your team or charity fundraising program.  It’s an opportunity to reach a larger market, receive more bids and raise more funds.  Learn more...

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