Sprunger Originals - Services

  1. Sprunger Marketplace:  Sell rare collectibles or creations in our online store.
  2. Tokenization PortalPut your trading cards, art, events, music, clothing, or collectibles on the blockchain for Web3 proof of ownership, security, added content and sharing.   
  3. Sprunger Card Management:   Manage your trading card collection with confidence and peace of mind.
  4. Gretzky rookie card portalFactual insights and resources for effective card management.
  5. The Hockey Season:  unique services for team roster announcement, fundraising and player recognition.
  6. Sprunger Exchange Verification:  This service builds trust between buyers and sellers using blockchain solutions.


    Web3 Tools

    You will need these apps and accounts to integrate with digital assets.  For all services, use the same email address:

    A.  Web3 Wallet Options.  This is necessary to mint digital assets into NFTs or blockchain certificates.

    Magic (Novice to Competent user)
    Metamask (Competent to Advanced user) 
    Coinbase    (Competent to Advanced user) 


    B.  Web3 interaction.  All of these accounts should be linked to your Web3 wallet address.

    Create a Sprunger Originals account to purchase items from Sprunger Marketplace and view or transfer their tokenized assets from the dashboard.

    Create a Verisart account to view, organize, print or share your tokenized assets.

    Create an OpenSea account to view, organize, share, transfer or sell your tokenized assets that you acquired from Sprunger Originals or any other blockchain marketplace.

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