Sprunger Originals - Services

  1. Sprunger NFT & Blockchain certificates:  Select from our popular packages or contact us for a custom NFT or blockchain digital certificate. Put your trading cards, art, events, music, clothing, or collectibles on the blockchain for Web3 proof of ownership, security, added content and sharing.
  2. Sprunger Marketplace:  Our items are sold as Buy Now or through our Auction which runs every Friday.  Our Shopify platform lists rare items that will automatically create a blockchain certificate after purchase.
  3. Sprunger Exchange Verification:  This service builds trust between buyers and sellers using blockchain solutions.
  4. Sprunger Evaluation:  Trying to understand which cards in your collection have value can be overwhelming. We can help you with this task with a scheduled video call.  We will identify cards that are high value, rookies, all-stars, leaders, record breakers, hall of fame inductees, and even cards with errors.
  5. Sprunger Grading:  We facilitate grading of your cards through KSA. You pay for grading and ship the cards to KSA for processing.


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