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Seller Verification Request for Gretzky rookie card

Seller Verification Request for Gretzky rookie card

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Proof of Seller and Card

Sprunger Originals has pre-paid on behalf of a buyer or your listing to verify you as the seller and the Gretzky rookie card that you have for sale.  The process involves photo ID to confirm your identity, billing address matching and IP fraud check.  We will also verify that you have the item that you are selling.  Personal information about you is not shared.  

Just add this zero cost item to your cart and checkout.  You will be provided with further instructions in a PDF at checkout. 

This level of verification does not certify that your item or items are authentic or altered.

To avoid multiple requests, consider obtaining a Verified Seller Digital Certificate that you can post and share with buyers. 

Note:  Selling an authentic item will subject you to local, provincial/state or federal laws for withholding or shipping a stolen, forged, altered, tampered or substituted item.

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