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Buyer Verification

Buyer Verification

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Proof of Buyer

Sometimes, sellers of high value items are sceptical about the buyer they are dealing with online.  Prove to the seller that you are serious and honest about the transaction with a Verified Buyer Web3 Certificate.

Three types of buyer verification:

A.  One-time verification for a specific single or lot item purchase.  Ideal for buying an item of high value.  Valid for the item only.

B.  Multi-use verified buyer certificate for making purchases within the next 30 days.

C.  Multi-use verified buyer certificate for making purchases over one year.



This services requires you to pass ourAuthentic Item Integrity screening during checkout.  

No refunds if you fail or flag any of the screening checks.  

This level of verification does not certify that the item or items being purchased are authentic or altered.

Your Verification Certificate can be revoked based on credible complaints from sellers.

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