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Seller Verification

Seller Verification

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Proof of seller, possession and authenticity of the collectible is on the seller. 

Are you selling high value trading cards and other authentic items online?  We will create your own Verified Seller Web3 Certificate.   The process involves photo ID to confirm your identity, billing address matching and IP fraud check.  For one-time transactions, we will verify that you have the item that you are selling.  Think of it as 'coining' but enhanced to prove to buyers that you are legitimate and not a scammer.  This can result in instant trust with the buyer and faster transactions in the online marketplaces where you are selling your items.  No more need for vouches or coins. 

Sample Seller Web3 Certificate

Three types of seller verification:

A.  One-time verification for a single or lot item sale.  This is ideal for verification requested by the buyer or for your own pre-verification when selling a single item over $100. 

B.  Short-term verified seller certificate for a few items.   Valid for 30 days.

C.  Multi-use verified seller certificate for the sale of multiple items.  Ideal for dealers or individuals selling their personal collection.  Valid for one year. 

Consider selling your item in Sprunger Marketplace.  We will photo ID your buyer for high value items.  No listing fee with purchase.


Weather you are a card broker or a one-time seller, being verified for online transactions will raise your profile and trust in the online markets.  

When you purchase the service, you will receive instructions on the details we need to verify you and your items. 


This service requires you to pass our Authentic Item Integrity screening during checkout.  

No refunds if you fail or flag any of the screening checks.  

Selling an authentic item will subject you to local, provincial/state or federal laws for withholding or shipping a stolen, forged, altered, tampered or substituted item.

This level of verification does not certify that your item or items are authentic or altered.

Your Verified Seller Certificate can be revoked based on credible complaints from buyers.

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