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Sprunger Originals



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Art Proof

As an artist, you don't want your work stolen or reproduced.  Authenticate and secure your own original art with an NFT.  Using blockchain technology your art will have its own non-fungible token with digital images and a certificate.  Plus, we will provide you with a tamper proof serial number label to affix to the piece.  Buyers and galleries will want to see your NFT to minimize the chance of purchasing a forged piece. 

The NFT can be transferred to a buyer for proof of ownership and reproduction conditions.

We will ask you for various pictures of your art, name of the piece and details or inspiration of its creation to include in the NFT.  



Creating an NFT requires you to pass our Authentic Item Integrity screening during checkout.

Selling an NFT with the paired art will subject you to local, provincial/state or federal laws for withholding or shipping a stolen, forged, altered, tampered or substituted item.

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