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Sprunger Originals

Collector Card NFT

Collector Card NFT

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Secure your most valuable collector cards with a blockchain certified digital twin. Showcase your passions with an exclusive story and other digital content, all tucked away securely in a time-stamped package that you can access from your phone at anytime while your physical card is stored in a safe location.

Once you checkout, you will receive an email with instructions on sending us pictures and information about your card.  For graded cards, we will mail you our identity label to affix to your slab as another layer of security and ownership of the NFT.

The Best Part

When you unlock your Sprunger NFT, you will see your card and description.  You will have your own dashboard to access additional media files that you provided.  Plus you can share with others on social media.

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Ordering details:

  1. Check out and pay for your order.
  2. We will provide you with a submission form and further instructions to capture details about your card and story. 

Upgrade your NFT with personalized content:

    • Athlete or media personality add-on



Creating an NFT requires you to pass our Authentic Item Integrity screening during checkout.   We need to make sure you are have possession of the card.

Selling an NFT with the paired item will subject you to local, provincial/state or federal laws for withholding or shipping a stolen, forged, altered, tampered or substituted item.

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