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Sprunger Originals

THC Marketplace - Online Store Listing

THC Marketplace - Online Store Listing

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Sprunger Originals is taking the initiative to use its platform as the online store for The Highest Community.

Donate your $GUMMY, $BAKED or $MUNCHIES graphics to use on merch:

Creator Benefits:
  • Earn $GUMMY, $BAKED, $MUNCHIES through tips sent to your SOL wallet from purchasers.  
  • Your creator bio and links will be included in the product description and Web3 Certificate Of Authenticity that the buyers receives.
  • You suggest what merch item your graphic will be used on (t-shirts, mugs or other merch).

Sell your $GUMMY, $BAKED or $MUNCHIES digital media as NFTs:

Creator Benefits:
  • Earn $ using our NFT mint-on-demand application.  Sell as one-of-a-kind or as a limited edition.  You set the price or make it free.  We take 12% for processing and minting fees.

Community Benefits:

  • Low cost quality items.  (Low margins used for processing, shop maintenance, and customer service). 
  • Purchase payments can be made using crypto through DePay and fiat currency gateways at checkout.
  • 5% of the proceeds to be donated to charities to be determined by The Highest Community.  
  • Exclusive rewards content included with Web3 COA.  

Sprunger Originals has been operating this Web3 marketplace platform since 2021.  Visit our FAQs page to learn more.

Submit your authentic or licensed creations today. 

Merch Graphic: png, pdf formats accepted, min 150 dpi max file size 200 MB. 
Digital Media:  jpg, png, gif (max 40MB), mp4, glb, gltf (max 300MB) 


PROTECT YOUR ASS-ETS:  Avoid crypto scams and fake merch. 

  1. Official $GUMMY coin contract is H7bTHGb5Cvo5fGe5jBDNDPUv8KykQnzyZA3qZ8sH7yxw
  2. Official site is
  3. Official X account is

How to List Your Item

  1. Select your type of listing above and check out (Listings are free).
  2. A listing requires you to pass our Authentic Item Integrity screening.
  3. We will contact you via email with further instructions and to capture details about your items.

Allow 2 business days to process your listing.   

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