Collection: The Highest Community Merch


Come hop into the $GUMMY, $BAKED and $MUNCHIES meme coin extravaganza and get your hands on the awesome collection of merch or NFTs.

THC Benefits:

  • Low cost quality items.  Low margins used for processing, shop maintenance, and customer service. 
  • Purchase payments can be made using crypto through DePay or fiat currency the way we did it in the 70s.
  • 5% of the proceeds to be donated to charities to be determined by the community.  
  • Tip artists' Web3 wallets for donating their designs.  


So, join the party, shop for a cause, and let's get baked together! 🚀🍬

Contribute your creations to the merch store.  Learn more...

Creator contract address pending.

PROTECT YOUR ASS-ETS:  Avoid crypto scams and fake merch. 

  1. Official $GUMMY coin contract is H7bTHGb5Cvo5fGe5jBDNDPUv8KykQnzyZA3qZ8sH7yxw
  2. Official site is
  3. Official X account is