Sprunger Grading

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Your cards look great in plastic sleeves or in your shoe box. But now is the time to get the high market value and your personal favourites appraised for their true condition and print quality. Read: "What should I do with my cards"

We facilitate grading of your cards through KSAPay for grading and ship the cards to us for processing.  We will notify you of the grading results so you can decide on these next choices:

    1. Sprunger NFT 
    2. Sprunger Marketplace
    3. Sprunger Charity
    4. Return graded cards to you

Return shipping and insurance is extra and will be billed after grading.  Allow 4 to 12 weeks for processing due to volume or government restrictions related to COVID.

We can help you go through your raw cards to identify significant cards for grading.  Consider using our Sprunger Evaluation service.

We are not handling the following at the moment:

      Oversized cards
      Thick cards

    When shipping your cards, each card should be in a penny sleeve and the penny sleeve put into a top loader:


     Value pack available on Amazon.