Sprunger Marketplace

Find and discover vintage, rare, authentic, popular or entertaining items.

We have three platforms for you to browse:

  1. OpenSea:  A non-fungible token marketplace.
  2. Shopify:  A traditional online marketplace.
  3. Facebook:  Verified Vintage Collectibles.


You will feel confident that an item in our profile has been verified.  When you purchase the NFT, transfer of ownership to you is immediate and the physical item will then be shipped to you.

Sprunger Online Store

Our Shopify platform lists items with and without NFTs.  We can transfer the NFT to your NFT marketplace: OpenSea or any Polygon supported marketplace.   We accept payment through crypto wallets (Bitcoin and Ethereum), credit cards (PayPal), e-transfer (Interac). 


Real Items Wallet

This is where your NFTs or digital versions of your items are kept.   It's your proof of ownership.  Plus, most of our NFTs have additional content such as videos, images, or text.  From here you can view the blockchain information and share a link for others to see your NFT while the physical item is in a safe place.