Sprunger Auction

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Sell your trading cards, collectibles and memorabilia to make money or raise funds for a team or charity.

This is our traditional buy now and auction marketplace on the Shopify platform.  Many items that are sold will include a Sprunger NFT for the new owner.

Graded cards and other items

Our auction platform only lists items with a certificate of authenticity or serial number.  Sellers and buyers are subject to measures to prevent fraud and scams.

Group or a category of cards or items can be sold under one listing.  However, only one NFT will be issued for the set.

Your break even is around $180 (factor in the average cost of grading, NFT, listing, auction, payment transaction and shipping insurance).  You should list cards that have a market value over $180 if you want to have a chance of making money.  Our reserved bid starts at $180 so you don’t lose money.

Ungraded cards

Ungraded cards can be sold in our online store.  NFTs are not created for these items.


We have a third party that performs photo ID verification of the buyer and requires that the address on the ID is the same as the billing address.  Also, our payment processing system will detect fraudulent payment.

Sold items

When your item is sold, the buyer has 10 days to pay us.  The item is to be shipped by you to the buyer upon receipt of payment from the buyer.  When the buyer receives the item, we will issue a payment to you.  See earnings calculation below.  Unsold items can be re-listed at no charge or donated to Sprunger Charity.

Ordering Details

  1. Select the quantity of listings you need.
  2. Check out and pay for your order.
  3. We will provide you with a submission form and further instructions to capture details about your items and your preferred auction settings.
  4. Buying an auction listing requires you to pass our Authentic Item Integrity screening.

    Allow 5 business days to process your listing.  Ask us about discounts on listings for 10 or more items. 

    Purchasing an auction listing will subject you to local, provincial/state or federal laws for withholding or shipping a stolen, forged, altered, tampered or substituted item. 

    Selling Fees & Earnings:

    Basis Amount calculation:

    (Selling price - transaction fees)  = Basis amount

    Fee for graded cards and other certified items:

    Basis amount up to $10,000
    9% x Basis Amount.  $99 minimum fee to $650 maximum fee
    Basis amount over $10,000
    6% x Basis Amount.

    Fee for ungraded cards

    Basis amount up to $10,000
    9% x Basis Amount.  $40 minimum fee to $650 maximum fee
    Basis amount over $10,000
    6% x Basis Amount.

    Your earnings are the Basis Amount less the applicable auction fee and less any Sprunger Charity contribution that you would like to make.

    Save on Listing Fees

    Unlimited graded card listings with the purchase of a Verified Seller Token.


    Sell donated cards or items of value as part of your team or charity fundraising program.   It’s an opportunity to reach a larger market, receive more bids and raise more funds.