Verified Seller Token


In an effort to reduce losses and buyer dissatisfaction from scam and fraud activity, Sprunger Originals is supplying the collectibles market with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to verify legitimate sellers.  The VST Certificate paired to the NFT is original. The seller has no way to change or alter it because it exists on a decentralized blockchain.  Whereas, profiles and identities of sellers today on centralized platforms can be easily changed.  

As a buyer of collectibles, request the URL or QR code from a seller to access their NFT and examine the original VST Certificate.  Valid tokens start with

This can result in instant trust with the seller, faster transactions and the reduction of scammers in the marketplace. 

VST Certificate will include:

  • Name or company name of the seller
  • Social media account links
  • Messaging links
  • Years active
  • Details of the types of cards or collectibles being sold
  • Transaction currency
  • Country of origin
  • Destination countries


 Sellers can purchase a VST here.


Here's our services to help you manage your collectibles:

  1. Sprunger NFT  official blockchain twin of your items.
  2. Sprunger Marketplace purchase items and your NFT will be minted.
  3. Sprunger Evaluation service to help find valuable and popular cards in your collection.
  4. Sprunger Grading for card condition and print quality.
  5. Sprunger Verified Seller Tokens for coining using the blockchain.
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