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Original Story:  April 13, 2021

I consider myself just another Canadian hockey parent who enjoyed going to the rink and hanging around other hockey parents. 

Both of my sons started Tim Bits hockey in Newmarket, Ontario. My '97 Luke, played rep including a total of four AAA years with the Markham Waxers and Richmond Hill Coyotes.  Matt, a 2000, enjoyed Newmarket rep and playing with his brother in high school hockey and finishing minor hockey together in Newmarket house league. 

They both grew into great athletes and great personalities.  The friendships they made with teammates will go on forever. 

My wife Sharon and my daughter Jaiden enjoyed the journey too but I still can't convince them that away tournaments count as vacation time. 

I started playing minor hockey in Markham, was a coach and assistant coach between Newmarket and Markham teams for both boys over the years. I continued playing in 3 on 3 adult leagues until there was a big age gap between our team and the newcomers. But I still have the annual MDHS Christmas hockey game reunion to look forward to. 

Every player and coach gets a nickname and "Sprunger" was our designated identifier. That sticks to you to a point where people don't even remember your real name. 

I haven't personally reflected much on how hockey has been a big part of our lives until recently.  Going through our collective hockey cards and other memorabilia not only uncovered some noteworthy items, it brought back memories and some great stories about events and people that we have met in the hockey community.  

2021 seems to be the right time to sell cards, document and share my stories with others.  Compounding your excitement, I'm bringing NFTs into the mix as well.  Have a look at my personal collection of NFTs.

Keeping up with the progress of Web3, this story (not the card) is available as a tokenized limited edition for you to collect.    Tokenize your creations...

Welcome to Sprunger Originals. 

Consider joining the fun and sharing your stories too. 

Let's get started with this "One".

- Dean Sprung 


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