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Celebrating 3 years in Web3 - Free NFT

Celebrating 3 years in Web3 - Free NFT

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FREE NFT with promo code WEB3FOR3

Join us in celebrating 3 years as a Web3 company with a free limited edition NFT, commemorating the growth and future of Web3.  Since 2021, we have been offering blockchain-based collectibles and memorabilia with proof of creator and ownership, digital identity, security, and traceability.  Don't miss out on this special opportunity to be a part of the journey!

Web3 revolutionizes the way we view property, data, and privacy through the implementation of blockchains and their associated coins and tokens.  This advanced technology promises to vastly improve human behaviour and eliminate the need for bureaucratic organizations and processes that currently cause us frustration.  Imagine receiving tokens for your social media and browsing activity, while also being able to use these tokens to offer credible reviews and comments.  Picture receiving cryptocurrency instantly from your insurance company for safe driving.  The process of selling your house will become as simple as a peer-to-peer transfer of a blockchain token.  Collectors, you will be able to showcase your treasured items in a metaverse vault with virtual tours that you create, narrate, and charge admission for.  This innovative future is just around the corner.

As a newcomer to Web3 and NFT collecting, we encourage you to peruse our Web3 presence article for insightful knowledge and the Web3 accounts required to mint, save or sell NFTs.

Add this item to your cart now and use promo code WEB3FOR3 or pay the full amount and we will allocate the proceeds to one of the Sprunger Support organizations.  When you check out, you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to claim your limited edition NFT in just a few steps.  Our NFT features an eye-catching image showcasing many of the items we've placed on the blockchain.  Plus, don't miss out on the exclusive bonus content and offer waiting for you in the rewards folder!

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