Collection: Gretzky - history of the O-Pee-Chee rookie card

Take a moment to appreciate the historical significance and nostalgic value of your Gretzky rookie card.

It's fascinating how the value of the Gretzky rookie card has evolved over time, from being practically worth the cost of a pack to now fetching millions of dollars for some collectors.  Such cards indeed hold historical significance and nostalgia for many. Preserving the history and stories behind these cards is essential to keep the memory of this era alive, especially as the details become more fragmented with time. Collectors and enthusiasts certainly appreciate guides like this one for shedding light on the card's origins and dispelling misinformation.

Become an expert contributor in your social groups with this knowledge.  Learn when the photo was taken, the explanation of the yellow dot, the blue lines mystery, who actually printed the card, and the error.  Match your card to one of the 16 print quality variants. 

34 pages with over 99 other facts that you may have never known about the key dates and production details of this card. 

Learn details about the Topps card, reprints, fakes, where to buy and sell, and the other Gretzky rookie card.

Two formats available:

Digital Edition:

Receive a PDF copy of this guide immediately after purchase. 

Print Edition:

Enjoy a magazine format edition of this guide.  Includes a Digital Edition and shipping. 

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