How does a Sprunger NFT affect the value of my item?

Sprunger Originals is involved in an industry shift that affects value based on the difference between possession and ownership.

First let’s consider what gives an item value:

  • Authenticity, condition and print quality - professional grading of cards
  • Characteristics
  • Popularity
  • Origin
  • Rarity
  • Age
  • The represented point in time
  • Format or medium (an image or graphic on paper, canvass, digital)
  • Number of previous owners
  • Popularity or fame of original owner or previous owners
  • Public interest in the item
  • Market interest in the item
  • Appeal to the senses: touch, sight, smell, sound, taste. 
  • Subject to forgery, fraud, theft
  • Others desire ownership of the item

When you buy authentic items, ask the seller for proof of ownership...ask for the NFT


      Old industry standard

      Possession = ownership = value
      Sell your item on traditional risky marketplaces.  Ask for vouches to feel safe about doing a transaction.

      New industry standard

      Here’s the industry shift or disruption:  Ownership is transferred from possession and a non-existent or central registry to the NFT.  The value is in the ownership of the NFT.

      NFT = ownership = value

      Authentic Item Integrity

      Trading card, collectible, memorabilia and art markets are full of fakes, scammers and fraudsters.  We are making an effort to reduce losses and buyer dissatisfaction by supplying the market with verified items and sellers using Sprunger NFTs.  Learn more...

      Sellers of authentic items will be required to have a Sprunger NFT for each item in order to sell in an NFT blockchain marketplace.

      Buyers will feel confident knowing that the Sprunger NFT is paired to a verified item and not a fake one that scammers try to sell in traditional marketplaces.

      Collectors will have real provenance for their item for the first time ever.  

      Create an NFT for your item now:  Sprunger NFT

      Here's our services to help you manage your collectibles:

      1. Sprunger NFT  official blockchain twin of your items.
      2. Sprunger Marketplace purchase items and your NFT will be minted.
      3. Sprunger Evaluation service to help find valuable and popular cards in your collection.
      4. Sprunger Grading for card condition and print quality.
      5. Sprunger Verified Seller Tokens for coining using the blockchain.
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