NFT Claiming Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a digital item from Sprunger Marketplace.

Here’s instructions on how to mint your NFT and get access to the digital content. We have used one of our digital items as an example.  Your email and screen images will appear different than what you see here.

1.  You have already received an email from Sprunger Originals to start the CLAIM NFT process.  Tap or click on CLAIM NFT and you will be taken to your Sprunger Originals account page.  Next, tap or click on the Connect or Claim button.   


2. You will be asked to connect to a Web3 wallet in order to mint and transfer ownership of the NFT to you.  MetaMask and Coinbase are popular Web3 wallets (account set up required).  You also have the option to create a Magic wallet using your email address or Google account.  Either wallet can be used to mint NFTs in the future from any NFT marketplace.  (Note:  use the same email address that you used to create your Sprunger Originals account).  IMPORTANT: never share your wallet's password, seed phrase or private key with anyone.  


3.  If you are prompted to verify, enter your Sprunger Originals account email address to obtain a verification code.   


4. Now you can claim your NFT directly in your Sprunger Originals account through a web browser.  It may take a few minutes for the minting process to complete.

Once it is claimed, your Web3 COA (certificate of authenticity) will appear.  Find and tap on Unlock Reward to access the digital content of your COA if applicable.   


5. Managing your NFTs and Web3 COAs.

To access, share or transfer your Web3 assets in the future, log into your Sprunger Originals account and use this link to access your Web3 Dashboard.  Make sure your Web3 wallet is connected.

To access and share your Web3 assets, create a free Verisart account and connect with your Web3 wallet.  You can organize your Web3 assets into collections in this account.


If this is your first NFT, an OpenSea account was automatically created for you.   OpenSea is an NFT marketplace where you can organize, share, transfer or sell your NFTs.  Connect your Web3 wallet to access the features.

If you have any questions, just use the chat icon on our website or email us.