Gretzky OPC RC - loupe images

Access high resolution loupe images of various areas of the Gretzky O-Pee-Chee rookie card.  They are intended to help you decipher between a real card and a fake card.  When comparing, you are looking for evidence of the rosette pattern in images created by the four colour offset printing process.  You are also looking for ink register in both the images and full tones such as the word OILERS and the oil drop in the logo.  NOTE:  We have only provided examples of print quality variants #11 and #14 out of the 16 print quality variants in total.  When comparing these images to your card, the ink register may by different. 

CAUTION:  There are many other characteristics about the card to consider when determining if a card is a fake (reproduction).  Consult with experts or refer to the Gretzky rookie card portal for more factual insights and resources for effective card management.

Use this link or tap the image below to access the files from Dropbox.