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Join other collectors, athletes, artists, writers, photographers, musicians, chefs, and brands and take charge of your collectibles, creations, and memorable moments with a new level of ownership and control using our Web3 services.

Web3 COA

Our Web3 COA (certificate of authenticity) provides proof of creator and ownership, security, verification, preservation, and digital identity of your treasured items, works or memories. It is linked to a provenance blockchain record which includes at least one image, the name of the creator, creation title, production date, medium type, dimensions, current owner wallet address, URL, secure QR code or NFC tag and a blockchain address.  Plus, you can include rewards, redemptions or exclusive digital content in your COA.


Tokenization of the contents in your Web3 COA allows you to collect, gift or sell your NFTs paired to digital media or physical items by using Web3 applications such as OpenSea.  NFTs are desired for status, uniqueness and value.  They can be exclusive, scarce, functional, personal or popular and they have an emotional connection based on its application.

Explore some of the stunning and unique tokens created with Sprunger Originals.

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