Toronto Toros hockey puck (circa 1975) with NFT

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Digital item.  Only 5 available.

    Original story

    The puck is symbolic of the hockey history in Ontario.  Read more...

    NFT with digital item only

    Since you are new to NFTs, here's how this works.  Instead of shipping you the puck, you will own the phygital (digital twin) of the real puck.  You will be able to save it to your Real Items wallet.  You will likely be one of very few people to own a Toronto Toros digital puck with an NFT.  

    100% of this sale will be donated to Southlake Foundation.

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    Hockey puck (digital item)
    Content Video on the history of the Toros, puck art images.  Preview
    NFT Mint Date October 6, 2021
    Total Circulation 5
    WHA Toronto Toros souvenir puck
    circa 1975
    Very good condition. Logo is off centre, some blemishes on the logo, scuffs on the surface.  
    Significance WHA and Ontario hockey history
    See Original Story above