NFTGallery (coming soon)


This marketplace sells non-fungible tokens that are paired to either a physical item or digital work.  NFTGallery uses the Polygon protocol that connects to Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.  This platform helps reduce fakes, scams and fraud, has instant payment and immediate exchange of ownership.  Initial seller can receive royalties each time the NFT is resold.    

Create a Sprunger NFT for your authentic items to sell in the NFTGallery or keep for your own collection.


You will feel confident that an item in the NFTGallery marketplace has been verified and paired with an NFT.   The item is not a fake one that scammers try to sell you in traditional marketplaces.

All you need is a digital wallet account and you can start shopping for NFTs.  When you purchase an NFT, transfer of item ownership to you is immediate.  The seller then ships the physical item to you.

Your NFT will be compatible with other Polygon NFT marketplaces.

Visit our Coming Soon page to see these and more items available for sale.