Dean Sprung's personal collection

You guessed it right.  I am a "Sprunger".  Enough about me, let's get into the good stuff.  

I somehow managed to save sports trading cards, collectibles and memorabilia since 1976 when I was 9 years old.  Going through shoeboxes, binders and bins has uncovered some interesting, historical and valuable items and even brought back some memories from way back.  I'm sharing some of these memories in the Original Stories blog.

I'm keeping most of the items and selling some so that others can have and appreciate them.  The ones that I'm keeping have an NFT (a digital twin) for proof of ownership and so that I can view or share my collection from my computer or mobile device while the physical items are stored in a safe place.  If I decide to sell anyone one of these, I'll sell the NFT on the blockchain marketplace and then ship the item to the buyer.

Visit this collection often.  More items being added.

You are invited to share and sell your personal collection too.



My Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs



 Items for Sale: